4 Things to Know Before Your Cartagena Cruise

*The cruise destination discussed in this blog post is no longer available for booking. We invite you to explore our current cruise offerings here. For assistance or questions, please contact our team at sales@uncruise.com or 888-862-8881.

Vacations play an important role in a happy, relaxed life.  That's why more than 90 million international trips are taken each year. With so many places to visit across the earth, it can be difficult to choose your ultimate destination. 

When you're looking into trip possibilities, you want to look for somewhere where you're going to see incredible things and be able to do a variety of activities. The trip should be full of good food and the opportunity for amazing, lifelong memories. 

And that's exactly why a Cartagena cruise is one of the best options. Check out this guide for everything you need to know about a cruise from Cartagena, Colombia to Panama! 

1. Stunning Views All Around 

One of the biggest reasons to take a vacation of any kind is to experience something different from your typical life. It's exciting to wake up and see a new world outside of your window. 

Touring Cartagena will give you all kinds of amazing views throughout your stay. Everything from old, historic colorful buildings to sunsets on the Panama Canal. You'll be feasting on all kinds of beauty throughout your journey. 

2. Possible Adventure Activities

When you book a cruise, you'll not only get to see amazing things but you'll get to do unreal things as well. 

Our team has put together packages that will help you know what to do in Cartagena so you can get the full experience. We'll help you do everything from kayaking to bird watching while you're on your trip! 

3. Variety of Visible Wildlife

While touring Cartagena, you'll definitely have the opportunity to see some wildlife as well. This area is rich in vegetation making it a great home for all kinds of monkeys, birds, and even butterflies. Not to mention all the sea life as you pass through the water. 

Being in a jungle is a unique experience to see a variety of animals you wouldn't typically see, which is exciting! 

4. Visit Places Rich in History

Taking in the history of such a beautiful place is a great way to appreciate your surroundings even more. It takes your experience to the next level when you can understand the things that have happened there before. 

While you're touring Cartagena, be sure to see many indicators of its rich past and current situation. From the old wall surrounding the city to the national parks, you'll get a full education on everything Cartagena

Everything You Need to Know Before a Cartagena Cruise

A Cartagena cruise is an opportunity to experience a whole new area of the world without the hassle of planning every detail. Every aspect of your trip from the food to the adventures will be taken care of by our professional cruise team. 

You'll just get to sit back and enjoy everything there is to see and do on Cartagena tours!

Our cruises to Cartagena are one of our newest destinations on a long list of amazing places. If you're interested in learning more about our packages or booking your next trip, contact us today!